Radio Eyes Help

Radio Eyes is a special type of sky viewing program. It was written specifically for the user who is interested in radio astronomy.  Radio Eyes helps the user visualize emissions from the sky at the radio end of the electromagnetic spectrum.  But RE is more than just a visualization program.  It contains tools for planning radio astronomical observations.  Given an appropriate hardware interface, the advanced version (to be made available soon) will steer radiotelescope antennas and trigger data collection via Radio-SkyPipe at the appropriate times.  Background and radio source catalog tools allow the user to display a variety of information sets. HTML pages may be created and shared to showcase various catalog objects.


Limits to Demo Version

Getting Started
    Main Window
    Setting Your Time and Location
    Moving Around the Sky Map
    Working With Objects
    Right Mouse Menu

How To
    Add a Label to the Map
    Change the Screen Update Interval
    Check for Program Updates
    Control a Telescope
    Create an Active Label
    Create a Background
    Create a Custom Horizon
    Create an Object Watch
    Create Custom Information Pages
    Create a Meridian Drift Scan Table
    Create a Tracking Table
    Load Different Backgrounds
    Load Different Catalogs
    Modify Coordinate Formats   
    Modify Display Colors
    Plot a JPL Ephemeris Object
    Register Your Program
    Save a JPEG Sky Map Image
    Save and Recall a Sky Map's Parameters
    See the Dome View
    Set Up Your Antenna Beam
    View Pulsar Positions
    Work With Catalogs
    Get Update Info

    ASCII Table
    File Types Used by Radio Eyes
    Radio Source Catalogs and Backgrounds

    Known Issues
    Planned Improvements
    Performance Issues