Radio Eyes Help

Performance Issues

Computers with moderately fast (several hundred MHz) CPUs should be adequate. 128 or more megabytes of memory are suggested, but probably not required. This program should work on all Windows releases from Win98 to Win Xp.

Issues that could slow performance include:

Tuning Win Xp for performance

When you graduated from Windows 98 to Windows Xp you were probably immediately struck by the changes in window appearance and actions. Items suddenly scrolled smoothly and slowly, disappearing items faded, etc.  All of these glitzy features come with a performance price.  You can significantly increase the performance of your PC by eliminating them (or some of them).  Go to Control Panel and select the System Icon. Click the Advanced tab on the System Properties window.  Click the Settings button in the Performance box. Select the Visual Effects tab. Now either select Adjust for best performance. If you really want any of the effects listed on this panel re-check them. Click OK.