Radio Eyes Help

Tools Menu Options

The Tools menu item contains a number of utilities that the user may find useful.

Find Object (Shortcut CTRL+F) - Allows you to enter a search string that that will be compared with names and comment items contained in the loaded radio source file catalog. An object selection list of matches is presented.

Tracking Table - Brings up the Tracking Table tool. This is used to create text tables for object positions over time.

JPL Ephemeris - Loads the JPL Ephemeris Plotter  tool.  This tool reads ephemerides produced by an on line tool hosted by the Jet Propulsion Lab of NASA.  This gives you the ability to plot tracks of planets, comets, and other bodies over time onto a Radio Eyes sky map.

Fringe Calculations - Brings up the Fringe Calculation tool which provides simple fringe rate calculations for two element interferometers.

Edit Horizon File - Another entry into the Horizon File Editor.

Data File Tools (submenus)
Edit Source Dat File -  Brings up the Radio Source File Editor which operates directly on radio source files that are in the _RE.dat format.
Convert Radio Source File - Brings of the Radio Source File Conversion Tool that converts ASCII text radio source catalogs into a format that can be used by the Radio Eyes program ( _RE.dat files ).
Convert SkyView FITS to RET File - Brings up the FITS Converter Tool that produces a RET file for use by Radio Eyes.

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