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Create Custom Information Pages

When you press the More Info button of the Select Source panel, you the dynamic information page for the object is loaded.  If an additional help page (such as one you have created) exists for the object then a button appears at the bottom of this dynamic info page that links to the additional info page.

Select Source Panel -> More Info Button -> opens Dynamic Info Page with Button Link to -> Custom Info Page

You may create custom information pages for any catalog using any HTML editor. Simply name the page to correspond to one of the listed names of the object.  Associated images should be located in the Images subdirectory of the program and the HTML should be located in the HTML subdirectory.  Links to images in the html should correctly reference Image location. 

When naming the information page, use the extension htm (not html). Replace any spaces in the object name with underscores. Example:  Sagittarius A  has an information page named sagittarius_a.htm

 You should only use one of the objects names to produce the additional help page. If you need to create additional information pages for the object, create links within this lead page to reference those additional pages.

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