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Object Watches

An Object Watch is a small window containing regularly updated position text information for a specific object. This tool is useful if you have a particular object that you want to keep tabs on while doing other things with the program. The picture above shows the Object Watch for CTB42 (Sag A) with Options displayed. Currently, the only option available is to have the watch come up automatically when the program starts, however, future implementations will have more options. You hide or display options by clicking on the options label. Clicking on the hide watch label will hide the watch from view, however, it will continue to exist and update in the background.  Clicking the X will actually destroy the Object Watch in the current running of the program. You may bring back up a hidden watch by using the Window / Watches menu item on the main screen of the program

To add an Object Watch use the Select Source panel discussed in the Working with Objects help page.

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