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Note that some of the software in this collection has been superceded by newer versions, notably the most recent data collection program is Radio-SkyPipe and the most recent and advanced Jupiter prediction program is Radio-Jupiter Pro 3.  Still, the software presented here is functional and may even be more suitable for older PCs running DOS and Win 3.1.

All of these programs are on the The Radio Sky CDROM I!   Over the years most of these software products sold separately for up to $30 each, but now you can get them all on one convenient CDROM for only $15 plus postage.  In addition you will get hundreds of megabytes of other radio astronomy related resources saving hundreds of hours of download time.  For a peek at what else you get click here.  

Radio-Sky Planetarium

Radio-Sky Planetarium is a DOS based sky viewer program designed with the amateur radio astronomer in mind.  RSP will display cosmic radio sources in equatorial and galactic formats. You can display your telescope beam pattern on the screen, schedule observations, and much more. Additional source databases are also provided below.  These are specially formatted to be read by the Radio-Sky Planetarium program.  Click here for more details on Radio-Sky Planetarium and the extra databases.

Multiple Survey Catalog

A source catalog based on the catalog by Robert Dixon which combines source listings from several other major surveys.

GB 1.4 Ghz Survey

The Green Bank (NRAO) 1.4 Ghz survey of sources.

GB 5 Ghz Survey

The Green Bank (NRAO) 5 Ghz survey of sources.

Parkes Catalog

Based upon the Parkes southern sky surveys.


Radio-Jupiter predicts the best times to listen for Jupiter's decametric radio noise storms. DOS and Windows versions are provided.

Radio-Jupiter for DOS

This early DOS based version actually has a couple of  features which the later Windows version does not.  You can graph De and Magnetic Latitude of Jupiter, and there is a graphical simulation.

Radio-Jupiter for Windows

Predicts likely noise storm occurrences, produces an ephemeris, and shows realtime parameters important in noise storm prediction.
Click here for more detailed descriptions of the Radio-Jupiter Software.

Data Collect Lite 

Every radiotelescope needs some way to record its observations.  Data Collect Lite allows provides an easy way to store your observations on your computer using simple to build analog to digital converters. You can also use the Radio Shack Computer Interfaced Digital Volt Meter, or use provided utilities to develop a driver for most any other analog to digital device.

Data Collect Lite for DOS

Great for putting that old DOS based PC back to work as a data collector.

Data Collect Lite for Windows 1.5

This updated version of the 16 bit data collection program addresses many of the problems with the previous version. New features include real-time and logged data sidereal clocks, support for the RS DVM, and more.

(Note: Free update available.)

Click here to see schematics for simple analog to digital converters which you can build and use with Data Collect Lite Software.

Click here for more information about our data collection programs.


Design Chebyshev band pass filters with this simple to use program. Print out component values, or output files compatible with the Ladders program below. Windows based.


Examine and experiment with ladder networks with this Windows program.  Graphically change components, tweak  values, and display pass-through characteristics on a network analyzer screen.


 Maxread and AtoD Max

This project started out at the request of the Amateur Scientist columnist for Scientific American for a 3 channel data collection program which would be suitable for use with a 3 axis seismograph.  I developed a circuit based on an 8 channel Maxim integrated circuit and produced some simple PASCAL code to collect the data.  The data is collected at 10 samples per second in each channel and is triggered by a threshold being exceeded in any one channel.  I made the call for someone out there to jump in and produce a piece of software to display the data, but no one ever did, so I wrote Maxread, a windows based program to do the job in simple fashion.  This is a project waiting to be expanded upon.  Everything you need to get going is here. Even the VB source code to Maxread is presented. This project with some modification would be great for radio meteor detection or solar/ Jupiter noise storm monitoring schemes.
There is more....

 For a peek at what else you get click here!  

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