Radio-SkyPipe II - An Internet Enabled Strip Chart Recorder



Version 2.3  packed with new features. Read about them here.  

License Class Price
Free Version - Limited Features  $0.00
Pro Version - Home Use  $49.95  ( upgrade from version 1 for $24.95 )
Educational Institution (Pro)  $49.95 + 24.95 for additional workstations.
Commercial - Industrial (Pro)  $149.95 +99.95 for additional workstations.

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** Note: Pro Version User Data Source model allows potential connection to almost any data source. Read about this feature here.


First let me say how much I love Radio-SkyPipe... I'm an avid electronic hobbyist and have been so since I was 14. Now at 36 I use Radio-SkyPipe constantly for graphing all manner of analog and digital signals from various projects... I wonder if people realize how many uses this program can be applied to! Anyways, I dearly love it, and finally decided to get the pro version so I could start using the MAX186 8-channel ADC, and thus plot many sources simultaneously. To date, I have used Radio-SkyPipe to monitor: 

  • Seismic disturbances.

  • Infrasound levels.

  • Local gravity (that's sort of a work in progress)

  • Local geomagnetic field strength.

  • Electrostatic field strength.

  • Various RF field strengths.

  • Infrared and visible light fluctuations.

  • Various other analog and digital sources for more experiments and tests than I can possibly count.

Thanks for this wonderful program, and please keep up the good work!  
Rick D, "NightRunner417", Florida

Firstly, your software is so fantastic that I am totally Flabbergasted especially with Radio-SkyPipe! Here you have achieved a wonderful level of excellence.  As President of the European Radio Astronomy club I wish to congratulate you for making this wonderful tool for radio astronomers world-wide available. You have done a real wonder for the radio astronomical community .  
P. W.  Germany
I can't thank you enough for Radio-SkyPipe.  I have my radiotelescope working very well and have been able to see the galactic plane as well as Cyg A, Sag A and Taurus.  Radio-SkyPipe has made radio astronomy fun.  ...BTW, your documentation on Radio-SkyPipe is very good.  Looking forward to the new version.  Thanks again for your efforts.  It has been my salvation.
Best wishes  D. H.

Version 1 support.


* Not to be confused with SkyPipeŽ of AOS, Inc. If you are looking for them please visit .