Radio-Jupiter Software

The following descriptions are of our Radio-Jupiter programs, available on The Radio-Sky CDROM I.

Radio-Jupiter 1.1 for Windows

You can greatly increase the likelihood of successfully monitoring Jupiter's decametric noise storms by listening in at the times of greatest probability. Radio-Jupiter is a prediction tool which calculates those times based upon known correlations in Jupiter's rotation, Io's orbit, and your position on the Earth. In the windows environment you can leave Radio-Jupiter running in the background and receive audible alerts when a storm is in progress. You get altitude and azimuth tracking information for your antenna. A quick look graphical display lets you see a day's Jupiter activity at a glance. This new Windows version has some very nice features like playing examples of storms through your sound card and monthly reports generation. Windows 3.1 or Win95.

Radio-Jupiter 2.0 for DOS

No windows??? The DOS version is still available. Comprehensive on line help screens and mouse support make using this program a snap. The DOS version actually does a couple of things that the Windows version presently does not do. You can graph the Jovicentric declination of the Earth over a period of years. You can also run a schematicized simulation of the emission modes and see how they play together over time. No sound, alert, or monthly reports are available though. M.S. DOS 3.5" format.

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