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Dome View

The Dome View is a sky map that represents the sky as it would appear if you were to look straight up to the zenith while your body was facing South. This view does not have all of the features of the equatorial sky map and is provided as a visualization tool. To bring the Dome View onto the screen you may press CTRL-D or select View / Dome View / Show Dome View from the main screen menu. Pressing CTRL-D or deselecting the the menu option will hide the view.

The Dome View has a right click menu with the following options:

There is is small resizing button in the upper left corner of the dome view. When clicked the dome view image assumes either the minimum size or will resize to the size of the sky map screen.

Moving the mouse over the equatorial sky map will place a ghost cursor at the corresponding point on the Dome View. The same effect is produced on the sky map when moving the cursor over the Dome View. Experimenting with this feature should quickly help you learn to orient yourself on the maps. 

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