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ARRL Antenna Book 19th Edition 

R Dean Straw Editor

There is more information here about antennas in general than you will find in any other book for this price. The explanations of general antenna theory are simple and without complex mathematics, and yet make a clear introduction to the subject for the beginner. Most major types of antennas are covered. The book is a huge 810 pages and comes with a CDROM of related software. You can't go wrong here unless you are looking specifically for microwave antennas, or detailed information on some other single type of antenna.

$30.00 / soft cover with CDROM
Buy the ARRL Antenna Book

RF Circuit Design

by Chris Boswick

I have had this book for years and keep returning to it for quick information on matching circuits and filter design. There is really a lot of information packed into these 176 pages. I think the explanations are clear and concise. There are other books that go deeper into theory.  I guess it boils down to how deeply you want to get involved in the mathematics of things.  This book skips a lot of the "why stuff" and deals with practical approaches to designing electronic circuits.

Amazon has a great price of  $20.95 ($9.00 off the list price!)

Buy RF Circuit Design

ARRL UHF/Microwave Experimenter's Manual

This is a compilation of articles covering a broad range of Uhf/Microwave topics. There are articles on antennas, transmission lines and wave guides, connectors, test equipment, and amplifier design.  Much of this material is the type of thing you don't find in text books. Perhaps by now you have picked up on the idea that I like technical books with a practical slant and not so much deep level theory. I suggest this book if you are planning on building a radiotelescope for frequencies above 400 MHz. There is some companion software available from the ARRL but I am not sure it worth the extra money.

Price $20.00 / soft cover
Buy the ARRL Uhf/Microwave Experimenter's Manual

Antennas 2nd Ed.

- by John Kraus. Dr. Kraus is a world class authority on this fascinating subject. Complete treatment of arrays, helicals, slot antennas, Fresnal lenses, you name it! This work has been used in college engineering classrooms throughout the world. This work is a technical treatment of the subject. Not for the beginner. There is some math here, but Kraus gives good example problems and most of the calculus breaks down to simple algebra.
$109.65 / 892 pages! / hardcover
Buy Antennas 2nd Edition.

The Art of Electronics

by Paul Horowitz
If you buy just one book to learn electronics by, this is the one! This is the one and only Horowitz of SETI fame. He is different from many who just write books about technical topics. He actually builds this stuff, and the text is packed with useful information about how to design and build electronics which works. This is one of those rare books which is accessible to the beginner and useful to the expert. Components (practical ones, not just theoretical ones!), digital, analog, you name it, everything is presented in Paul's clear and sometimes humorous style.
$64.95 / huge 1125 pages / hardback
Buy The Art of Electronics.

Buy The Art of Electronics Student Manual for $29.95

Electromagnetics Fourth Edition

by John D Kraus. Standard text on electromagnetics. 800 diagrams, 1000 examples and challenging problems, 15 interactive programs for personal computers. This is a book for someone who wants to understand electrical phenomena at the level of Maxwell's equations. Not for the beginner unless you have a good math background. This is the one theory book that I have included for those who want to understand radio/electronics on a deeper level.

Chapters include:

  1. Vector Analysis and Coordinate Systems
  2. The Static Electric Field
  3. Charged Particles Moving in Electric Fields
  4. The Static Electric Field in Dielectrics
  5. The Steady Electric Current
  6. The Static Magnetic Field of Steady Electric Currents
  7. Conductors and Charged Particles Moving in Static Magnetic Fields
  8. The Static Magnetic Field of Ferromagnetic Materials
  9. Field Mapping by Analytical, Numerical, Computer, asnd Analog Techniques
  10. Time-Changing Electric and Magnetic Fields
  11. The Relation between Field and Circuit Theory; Maxwell's Equations
  12. Waves and Transmission Lines
  13. Wave Polarization, Reflections, Refractions and Diffraction
  14. Waveguides and Resonators
  15. Antennas and Radiation
  16. Appendix: Tables and Computer Programs

1992, Hard Cover. 847 pages. $104.50
Buy Electromagnetics.

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