Radio-Sky Spectrograph

Illustration 1: Solar radio emissions recorded using Radio-Sky Spectrograph software. The X axis is time and the Y axis is frequency in MHz. Intensity is conveyed by color.

Radio-Sky Spectrograph (RSS) is a free Windows program for recording and reviewing radio frequency spectragrams. RSS records consecutive snapshots of the power in each of up to 512 frequency channels. Data can be shared in real time over the internet or saved to disk for review. RSS can be connected to a number of different software defined radios (SDRs) by utilizing the appropriate intermediary programs. While originally written to support the Radio JOVE project below 30 MHz, this software can be used at any frequency your radio supports. In Windows 7 and above you must install As Administrator.

RSS is free but if you would like to donate to its continued development consider making a modest donation.
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