Radio-SkyPipe Licenses


Please read carefully so that you order the appropriate license.

Home Use...... 

For home use a fee of $49.95 is required for the Pro Edition of Radio-SkyPipe. You may use this software on as many computers as wish in your home observatory so long as you do not qualify as an educational institution or commercial user.

Home Use Pro Edition License $49.95

Upgrade from Version 1.X Pro $24.95  (you must be in our database to qualify)

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions (Schools, museums, planetariums, and other institutions whose mission is to educate the public), are expected to acquire their first workstation license at the non-commercial fee of  $49.95 and additional licenses for Pro Edition workstations at a fee of $24.95 each.

SkyPipe Pro Educational Institution License (One Workstation) $49.95

SkyPipe Pro Educational Institution License (Additional Workstation) $24.95


Pro Edition Upgrade for Commercial/Business/Government Use

If you are using Radio-SkyPipe for commercial or industrial purposes the following rules apply:

1. A license fee of $149.95 is required.

2. You may not "Publish" your address using the public Radio-SkyPipe ILS.  You may use the software using private IP addresses, or if you need to establish a private Internet Locator Service, for example for roaming monitoring stations, contact us about creating one for you.

3. Commercial Site Licenses are available for the Pro Edition at $149.95 for the first workstation and $99.95 for each additional workstation.

Contact us for special customized versions of this software, tailored to your business needs. We can implement remote control features , additional sensors, support other analog to digital devices, and output formats.

SkyPipe Pro Commercial License (One Workstation) $149.95

SkyPipe Pro Commercial License (Additional Workstation) $99.95


Special Technical Support Services


  • Service and Technical support contracts are available. 
  • This program can be customized to meet a wide variety of scientific and commercial needs.  Data sources are not limited to those in the versions above. Just about any source of data appropriate for this type of display can be supported. 

Please contact us for quotes and details.