What will it sound like?

Below are links to some sound files on the Radio-Sky website of actual Jupiter noise storms.  Two types of "bursts" can be heard. The long burst, or "L burst", is reminiscent of waves crashing on a seashore. These bursts are thought to be modulated by the solar wind. A short duration, popping type, burst called an "S burst" is common in certain decametric noise storms. These are result from fairly narrow band noise signals which drop rapidly through the radio spectrum. As the noise energy passes through the narrow bandpass of your receiver a pop is heard. You have to be careful not to confuse the decametric noise storms of Jupiter with lightning crashes which are especially common in the summer months. A little practice will make it possible for you to sort out the difference. The lightning crash is distinguished by it's sudden onset.

L Bursts

S Bursts

S Bursts (slowed down 128 times)