Jupiter Information Server Tool

The Jupiter Information Server tool (JIS) sends a text listing of Jupiter information via TCP to a remote client over a network. The tool was developed to communicate with other software such as rotator controllers and astronomy programs.  The JIS can be run in push mode where it will automatically send the information string to its client every X minutes, or the information can be polled from the server by sending it a "G" (GETDATA). The JIS can  accept only one client.  The information is sent in plain text as shown below:

JYear = 2006
Month = 01
Day = 17
Hour = 20
Minute = 09
Second = 19
JUPALT = -26
JUPAZ = 270
SUNAZ = 217
CML3 = 248.3
IOPHASE = 238.1
LMSTTIME = LMST: 22:17:21