How can I record Jupiter?

You may want to record Jupiter's sounds for later playback and study. A standard tape recorder will do, but you should use the highest quality available and avoid recorders with automatic gain control which cannot be defeated. Another good option is to record on the audio track of a video tape recorder. In order to keep the VCR tape from dragging and wobbling, you must also supply a video signal. A set up that I have used points the camera to a digital clock and an oscilloscope trace of the audio signal while the audio track records from the Jupiter receiver.

You can record the envelope of the audio signal on a strip chart recorder or on your computer using a sound card and the appropriate software. Radio-SkyPipe software fills this role beautifully.  With the Pro version of Radio-SkyPipe you can record wav files on your computer in addition to the charts of the sounds. From such charts the pattern of the storm as a whole can be discerned.