DDE Automation Example 

Dynamic Data Exchange or DDE is an older method used in Windows programs to send information or commands from one program to another. Not every program is written to accept DDE connections with other programs, however, at least two antenna rotator interface programs use DDE to accept commands from outside programs and pass these commands on to the rotator interface hardware.

An excellent and reasonably priced rotator interface is the EA4TX interface produced by Pablo Garcia. This interface controls elevation as well as azimuth for many antenna rotators.  When using the EA4TX rotator interface you would run ARSWIN program on your PC. You could manually control the interface hardware by using the controls in ARSWIN or you could have Radio-Jupiter Pro send the commands to ARSWIN automatically whenever a sufficient change in Jupiter's altitude or azimuth warranted moving your antenna. 

To accomplish this you could use the simple ARSWIN (ARSWIN.scp) script provided with RJ Pro. You would then set your automation parameters to update the position of the antenna by running this script under the conditions you specify. 

One thing you must remember when using DDE is that the DDE source program (in this case ARSWIN) must be running before you send any commands by DDE. If the DDE source program is not running when you send the commands, you can hang up the computer.

The specifications for sending information to ARSWIN are specified on the EA4TX web site. The simple script shown below allows you to see how these specifications are used.

DDE_Topic = (RCI)
Pause (5)

Note that the App, Topic, and Item DDE parameters are specified before any commands can be sent using the DDE_Send script command.  For the EA4TX rotator interface software, "GA:" means "go to azimuth", and "GE:" means "go to elevation" ( elevation = altitude ). You could specify a number for azimuth or elevation but by substituting the reserved keywords JUPAZ and JUPALT in the script, the current azimuth and altitude of Jupiter will automatically be substituted into the script each time it runs.

You may try this out on your computer before actually installing the ARSWIN program (free from EA4TX) and running the script.  Again make sure to start ARSWIN before running the script!