Radio Eyes Help
Task Files

Task files are lists of Radio Eyes observational tasks and their parameters.  When loaded into Radio Eyes, the task file produces a Task List.  Task files are stored in plain text and can be produced by a standard text editor such as Notepad, however, it is easier to compose the task list in Radio Eyes using the graphical interface. Below are the components of a task file. A carriage return -line feed ends each line. Comments are included in green to the right of each line. These should not be included in an actual file. 

TASK=1    Each task starts with a number.
AZ=0        Azimuth in degrees
EL=0        Elevation in degrees.
RA=3.0355333330766   Right Ascension in decimal hours.
DEC=17.1935404662997        Declination in decimal degrees.
TYPE=TRACK    Task Type (See here for task type explanation).
PNUM=10        PNUM is a number that corresponds to certain objects. (See here for explanation).
STARTTYPE=IMMEDIATE   Start Types Stop Types and Values are discussed here.
USESKYPIPE=True  'Use SkyPipe data collection software.
SKYPIPEIP=  'SkyPipe's Admin IP address relative to the Telescope Control Point program.
SKYPIPEPORT=0   'SkyPipe's port that it listens for Admin connections on.
SKYPIPEISSERVER=True   'True if SkyPipe will be acting in Server Mode.
SKYPIPEPROFILE=default1.spp  'The file name of the Profile (spp) file that SkyPipe should use for this observation.
SKYPIPEPUBLISH=True  'If in Server Mode should SkyPipe make it's connection public.
SKYPIPEPW=myspadminpassword 'Password used when logging into SkyPipe as Admin..not encrytpted.
SKYPIPESTOP=True  'If True SkyPipe will stop recording at the end of this Task
OBJECTNAME=Sun  'Name of object to which the Task is referenced if any.
ENDTASK  'Each task must end with ENDTASK
.                        ' Next Task