Radio Eyes Additional Downloads

These are enhancements to the Radio Eyes program.  They are free to Radio Eyes owners.  If you have created catalogs, backgrounds, active label scripts, etc. that you think other Radio Eyes users might use please let me know about them via the Contact page. 

Radio Source Catalogs

These catalogs are already in the random access format used by Radio Eyes and do not need to be converted. Unzip these into your RadioEyes1\Catalog directory.

Master Radio Catalog by Dixon. Extract of  sources 1 Jansky and greater in flux. This is a huge catalog and can be expected to slow things down a bit. 1 Megabyte.

NRAO 40 ft Teaching Telescope Source List. This catalog was compiled by John McKay of Great Britain to correspond to the teaching telescope list of sources at the NRAO in Green Bank, West Virginia. There are 62 objects for 1.4 GHz only.

Background Files

Put these files in your RadioEyes1\Background directory. Background image files without associated RET ( temperature ) files are those that either have no temperature information available or are expected to already have a RET file from the original installation.

Bonn 1.4 GHz Survey - Northern hemisphere mostly. Includes RET and 3 color schemes. 1.2 Megabytes.

CO Survey - Carbon Monoxide Line at 115 GHz. The data is in the velocity of the CO clouds not the flux. Includes RET and 1 color scheme. 1 Megabyte.

408 MHz Color Schemes - additional color schemes include Prism, BlkGrnBluRed, Inverse Gray, and GreenWhite. 874 kB.

Active Labels

Place these files in your RadioEyes1\LabelScripts directory.  These files are not zipped so to download them you may have to right click on them and select Save Target As.  Use Right Mouse Menu and Add Custom Label, then select the Label Script to get it working in Radio Eyes. Save Settings if you want it to come back. See the help pages about Active Labels.

Kitt Peak Sun - solar image.

Nancay Status - text label tells you if Nancay is tracking the Sun, Jupiter, or not at all.

US Weather Radar - graphical.

Solar Xray - graphical.