BIRO Spectrograph Files

June 22, 2008 UTC

The following images are from an Io-A storm observed at the Big Island Radio Observatory by Jim Sky.
Longitude: 155.75 W   Latitude: 19.2 N
Receiver: SDR-14
Antenna: 8 element wire Log Periodic
Software: Modified version of the Radio-Sky Publishing Spectrograph software.

Times are in UTC. Conditions were relatively quiet for this observation. There is a strong band of interference below 18 MHz that makes it impossible to see those emissions. This was an automated observation. No operator was present. The raw data file can be grabbed here...43 megs!The Spectrograph software may be downloaded here.

The Radio-Jupiter Pro screenshot above shows that this was a rather high pass on the Io-A region.

Above is a snapshot of the entire active period showing the overall storm structure. The banding indicates an descent rate of -3 kHz/sec.