BIRO Spectrograph Files

May 12, 2008 UTC

The following images are from an Io-A storm observed at the Big Island Radio Observatory by Jim Sky.
Longitude: 155.75 W   Latitude: 19.2 N
Receiver: SDR-14
Antenna: 8 element wire Log Periodic
Software: Modified version of the Radio-Sky Publishing Spectrograph software.

Times are in UTC.  This was was a marginal pass through the Io-A region and it was surprising that even these few extremely weak bursts were captured.  The graph below is a screenshot of of the Radio-Jupiter Pro CML - Io Phase graph showing the pass.  The actual period of observing was from 13:30 to 15:30 UT. Only periods of noticeable activity are presented here.

Radio Jupiter Pro screenshot of predicted pass CML and Io-Phase parameters.

The first tiny hint of activity is seen at 13:52 below 19 MHz.

Very weak activity is seen here about 14:12.

The last activity was detected about 14:20 in the 22 to 23 MHz region.