Radio-SkyPipe Help

Opening a Second (Client Mode) Chart

To facilitate simultaneous operation in Client Mode and Server Mode, Client Mode and Stand Alone Mode, or Client Mode connections to two different strip chart servers,  you may open a second strip chart window which is restricted to Client Mode operation. In other words, you can run the primary instance of R-SP in any mode, but you are allowed to open a second instance in Client Mode only.  Pro users may open up to nine Client Windows at once, while Standard version users may open only a single additional Client Window.

To open this second strip chart select View / New Client Chart or press Ctrl W

Do not try to use the second chart to connect to the same server as you are connected to in a primary Client Mode window.  The program will not allow this.

To view or edit the saved file from this chart you must close the second chart window and load it into a Stand Alone chart.

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