Radio-SkyPipe Help

Serving and Recording Multiple Channels

(Pro Version Only)

If you have the Pro version of Radio-SkyPipe you may use multiple channel data logging and serve multiple channels to all other R-SP users (including those with the Standard version). Multiple channels can be facilitated in several ways. You can use the two channels of your stereo sound card (line input left and right channels), or you can use the MAX186 8 Channel 12 bit ADC or one of the supported Lab Jack ADCs, or other data sources  to utilize up to eight simultaneous data channels. 

Information on configuring the program may be found on the Data Source help page. 

Using multiple channels makes it important that the channels be identified and distinguishable form each other in some way.  The settings for channel pen colors and channel labels are accessed by clicking the appropriate button on the Options / Strip Chart screen.

While there is some performance cost to using multiple channels you may greatly reduce this by setting the chart to update on your screen at a lower rate than data is being collected. This is also found on the Options / Strip Chart screen.


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